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Welding Inspection

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Blasting & Coating Inspection

Third-party Inspection services.

     Globe Inspection services Engineers ensure that the quality and performance of products or installations meet applicable requirements, whether they are regulatory, voluntary or client specific. We help to improve the integrity, quality and efficiency of equipment, assure safe and health working conditions for employees and minimize the environmental impact of industrial activities

Service Provide

is a written qualified welding procedure prepared to provide direction for making production weld to code requirement?


The PQR is a record of variables recorded during the welding of the test coupons.it It also contains the test results of the tested specimens. Recorded variables normally fall within a small range of the actual variables that will be used in production welding.

The Purpose of qualification the person who will use a joining process is to demonstrate that person’s ability to produce a sound joint when using procedure specification.

Quality Assurance Inspection.

It’s to be expected that there are a variety of specific items, processes or indications that a quality assurance inspector will report during and after a quality assurance inspection in your workplace location.

Some of the things that you should probably expect and prepare for QA inspections are listed as follows:

Expected or Unexpected Audits and Inspections

A Look at Your Company's Manufacturing Operations

A GMP Inspection

Change Control Processes

How non-conformances and other problems are dealt with

Blasting & Coating Inspection

    1. For Monitoring Operation Globe inspection services carry out blasting inspection after fabrication for plant construction project oil and Gas and fabrication pressure vessel, piping and structure, stroge tank. We render a dedicated team of BGAS and NACE Inspector for Inspection.
      Globe Inspection Services Provide service in blasting and Coating. The services can be summarized as (not limited to)

    Blasting Visual Inspection

    Salt content test witnessed.

    Document review prior to painting and coating (Batch certificate of paint, procedure qualification and Pull of test witnessed).

    Material Inspection

    We provide experienced inspector and efficient material Inspection
    Globe Inspection service with material survey and Inspection Keeping in mind applicable codes fabrication drawing and client requirement such as (not limited to)

    Material Identification and Inspection

    Visual and dimensional Inspection.

    Material certificate Review.

    In-Service Inspection

    Globe Inspection services certified inspector and specialist staffs are available to support your In-service Inspection compliance need whether in oil and gas onshore and offshore, refining chemical and power Industries.
    Safety and compliance are increasing becoming the focus of every organization, customers rely on Globe inspection Services for in-services Inspection services that supports access to professional qualified staff that provide high quality advice which creates a strong bond to deliver the trust we guarantee.
    Globe Inspection services certified Inspector are available to customer in oil and Gas onshore and offshore, referring chemical and power industry. Our services provide client with high quality, on time cost effective and value-added services that is achieved through continued ownership of safety

    Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

    API -510/570/653 Certified Inspector.

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